Monster – Pipper Squeaker


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I’m Pipper Squeaker, a Wild Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

Everyone says my voice is the highest pitch they’ve ever heard! I love running through the forest, squeaking and talking to the birds. They really understand me, but most humans have a hard time figuring out what I’m saying. With my luscious lips, I like to kiss flowers. I can’t wait to snuggle with you and hum songs until you go to sleep, then safeguard your tooth in my pouch until the tooth fairy comes to trade it for a treat!

Likes – Skipping rocks
Fave Color – Pink
Fave Food – Gum Drops and lollipops

Check out my kissable lips! Smooch-Smooch 🙂

Approximate Size: 7.5″ wide X 20.5″ high

I can sit all by myself, with my legs hanging over the edge of a table or even the bed. And, just so you know, I come with your name embroidered on a name tag that is adhered with Velcro to the front of my pocket. It can easily be removed and replaced with a phrase (like Happy Birthday) or even your brother or sister’s name!

Our tooth fairy pillows are handmade with enthusiasm and passion in a smoke free environment. We reuse all fabric scraps, as they are mixed with the polyfill stuffing.

Weighted with a non-toxic sand bag.
Tagged with Tangerine Begonias logo.
Fabric may vary a bit, but will be as similar to the photo as possible.
Not intended for children under 3 years of age.

Each tooth fairy pillow comes with a creative note card to your child from the Tooth Fairy Pillow (containing the poem below).

It is really great to meet you
My classy new best friend
I’m a handmade tooth fairy pillow
The way I see it – We both win!

I’m Pipper Squeaker the Monster
We’ll celebrate losing teeth
I just spoke with the Tooth Fairy
& She will visit us while we sleep!