Kick off Football Season with our Camden Quarterback Tooth Fairy Pillow


a football-camden-quarterback

If your child is a big sports fan, we have just the tooth fairy pillow for you. Especially this time of year with autumn in the air and a great football game on all of TV’s sports networks!

Meet Camden Quarterback, a Football Tooth Fairy Pillow…

“Hike, hike, hike!” Camden yells and then makes his play
He runs down the field smiling all the way.
When he has a tooth in his pouch he guards it very well
How much money will the tooth fairy leave?
You never can tell!

Likes – The smell of fresh cut grass and watching the Superbowl
Fave Color – Green
Fave Food – Potato Chips and peanuts

Camden sits alone with his legs hanging over the edge of a table or even the bed or a pillow (approx. 11″wide x 17″ tall). Your child’s name will be embroidered on the front pocket (which holds their tooth and the goodie that the tooth fairy leaves them).

Each tooth fairy pillow comes with a creative note card to your child from the Tooth Fairy Pillow (containing the poem below).

It is really great to meet you
My classy new best friend
I’m a handmade tooth fairy pillow
The way I see it – We both win!

I’m Camden Quarterback the Football
We’ll celebrate losing teeth
I just spoke with the Tooth Fairy
& She will visit us while we sleep!

Special Price while supplies last – ONLY $34.95 (shipping included!)

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